Classic  Small Craft

The 8' Hobbit by  Rivendell Marine

The Hobbit is an 8' pram-bowed tender lightly built of cedar planking with copper riveted lapstrake round bottom construction.  Designed to meet the needs of today's yachtsman it has the following features:

  • aesthetically pleasing design and attention to detail

  • lightweight and compact                                                    

  • stability while boarding, rowing and sailing                 

  • good directional stability under sail, oar and tow      

  • simple and quick assembly of stowable spritsail rig​

10'  Atkin's Skiff

Ahh- the pleasures of a good row boat !
William Atkin designed this boat as "Mabel" in October ,1924.  John Atkin made a few changes and christened her "Flipper" in April, 1975.  She is just as appealing today as ever.  Excellent for your first boat, a tender to your larger yacht or a boat for retirement.  Her traditional appearance and construction will hold the best of eyes and foster the warment of memories !

11'6" Columbia Yacht Tender

This classic small craft, a replica of Nathaniel Herreshoff's 1905  "Columbia" yacht tender, is built purposely for the discriminating wooden boat enthusiast.  She was so named because the first was built for the Cup Defender "Columbia".  Every effort has been made to replicate the original design.  The Herreshoff Manufacturing technique is deviated from only where small shop handcrafting allows improvements over production methods.


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